Safe and secure

We offer our customers knowledge and products in flow technology. Thanks to our vast experience and our broad product range, it is possible for us to create and enhance customised product solutions of high quality. Working in close cooperation with the customer, we develop the solution in various steps.

Five simple and secure steps:

  1. The first meeting. Together with the customer, we review the needs and requirements for a tailored production solution. The review is primarily concerned with the function of the product, the materials used in it and the desired change.
  2. Product proposals. We then conduct an analysis and come up with a product drawing and a quotation. At this stage we also develop a specimen/prototype of the solution.
  3. The second meeting. We deliver the specimen/prototype to the customer and carry out quality assurance to ensure that the prototype works and make any adjustments that are needed.
  4. Start of production. When all the facts have been gathered and the new product solution/prototype has been quality-assured, we start the production phase. Together with the customer, we analyse the need for deliveries and what checks need to be made with regard to pressure, temperature, dimensions, etc.
  5. Logistics and stocking solution. A delivery plan is drawn up in accordance with the customer’s wishes. Logistics and stock-holding solutions are established on the basis of the customer’s specific needs.


Every project is always followed up. Satisfied customers come back and become long-term business relations, enabling us to continue contributing expertise in customised product solutions.