Business concept

We at Impel make sure that our customers become successful by adapting, enhancing and assembling customised products.


To become the most important partner for our OEM customers with regard to flow technology.

Business concept

Focusing on the customer, Impel offers its OEM customers and distributors a broad range of products and solutions of high quality in flow technology. In-house product development and manufacturing provide opportunities for specialised and customised solutions, with the aim of improving customers’ profitability and simplifying their everyday existence. Impel aims for stable and long-term relationships on both the customer and supplier sides.


To assist our customers every day in finding better product solutions which, in turn, improve profitability for customers.

Core values

Passion – our passion is product development that improves profitability for our customers
Engagemang – we have 100% commitment to and focus on each customer’s unique project
Närvaro – we maintain a high level of service, are accurate in what we do and make sure that we are available for our customers
Glädje – we enjoy our work, and it is always a positive feeling to have satisfied customers
We are pleased every time we have created an innovative product solution that solves our customers’ problems.