Product sheets

Fittings & connections

Union nut
Radiatorfitting elbow
Reducing bush 150IC
Brass metal pipe sections
Hose nipple
Radiator fitting straight 701R
Reducing bush G 1/4 – G 1/8
Brass T-pipe G 3/4
Plug 684
Radiator fitting straight 3200F
Reducing socket 6911
Cap 685 IC
Radiator fitting elbow 700R
Reducing bush 150
T-pipe compression fitting 1425
T-pipe compression fitting 1420
Elbow compression fitting 1410
Brass fittings with threads
T-pipe with nut


Parallel-connected water meter bracket
Individual water meter bracket


Diffuflex flexible hose
Termopar XL flexible hose
Fibre gasket 2900
Heacoflex flexible hose
Mixinox hose
Termopar flexible hose


Filter ball Care and maintenance
Filter ball assembly
Filter ball valve 480
Filter ball valve magnet 487 with magnet
Filter ball valve 481
Filter ball valve magnet 486
Filter ball valve 484 with strainer insert

Air vent valve 3700
Mixing valve 9610-9630
Shut off check valve with connections, 4176 to 4179
Ball valve 190/190S
Ball valve 51
Motor ball valve 1258
Pump ball valve
Drain valve 146
Drain valve 9209-9212
Ball valve 290 and 290 high neck
Ball valve 292
3-way ball valve 7620
3-way ball valve 7630
Filling valve 4182 G check valve
Filling valve 4183 G check valve
Filling valve 4181
Filling valve 4181 with check valve
Filling valve 4181 G 3/4 with check valve
Filling valve 4180 with check valve
Filling valve 4184 with check valve
Filling valve 4181 with compression fitting and check valve
Pump ball valve brass 2522